Quarts Powder

Quartz is a hard mineral consisting of silica (SiO2). It’s hard transparent trigonal mineral that, After Feldsfar is the most common mineral on the surface of the earth. It occurs as a component of igneous, metamorphic and Sedimentary rock as well as in a variety of other forms such as Rock Crystal.


  • Glass Industries (Specially Use)
  • Coating
  • Rubber
  • Tails
  • Filter
  • Dyes
  • etc.

Popular for:

  • Silica Powder

Chemical Composition :

Sio2 99.12
Al2O3 0.15%
Fe2O3 0.016%
CaO 0.00%
MgO 0.00%
K2 0.18%
Na2O 0.09%
TiO2 0.04%
LOI 0.22%